Cornupia is a financial advisor with a history of providing innovative and independent advice. Cornupia's solutions for its clients are based on judgment, experience and intellectual insight.

Cornupia offers services for restructuring of companies, maximizing owner benefits, tax efficiency and protection around patent issues, including financial, legal and structural problems. In addition, Cornupia can be instrumental in the relocating of any company, in whole or part, to any geographical location that suits the needs of the client.

Our core services include:


• General financial and strategic advice

• Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures

• Corporate restructurings

• Takeover defence

• Board representation and special committee assignments

• Strategic partnerships/joint ventures
• Investment advisory/ forecasting services, focusing on the big picture.

• We cover long term: interest rate cycles, commodity cycles - including precious metals, stock market trends, currency cycles, property trends, demographic trends, technical analysis worldwide.

• Regular personal discussions and meetings

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