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Review of Cornupia's Management Services:

For details of these services, please refer to the table following, and click on the areas where you would like to get more detailed explanation.

» Full range of corporation administration and corporate secretarial services

» Accounting and audit services

» Trust and tax services

Full range of corporation administration and secretarial services

Cornupia can provide all of the necessary corporate administration and company secretary functions professionally.

Company Management

Cornupia will provide the services of an office and corporate secretarial services.

Maintenance of statutory company records.

Preparation and filing of annual returns and company reports.

Provision of third party professional directors.

The preparation of minutes of the board.

The preparation of board resolutions.

Other day to day company secretarial functions.

Banking Services

Cornupia will attend to maintenance and updating of all banking matters, including opening bank accounts, acting as bank signatories, and will carry out all banking instructions of the principal.

Fund Management

Cornupia will attend to:

Disposal of funds according to instructions;

Preparation of monthly cash statements and if funds are to remain in company's account, maximize interest income by placing funds on short term deposit.

Accounting and audit services

New company may require accounting functions to be performed in an international operation, therefore it is important that the company owner has readily available a full or partial set of accounting and auditing functions for his new operation. Cornupia can supply all or most of such requirements, sometimes with assistance from its international network of professional associates.

Some examples of the accounting and auditing functions that Cornupia can and does provide regularly to its international clients (either fully or with assistance from its professional associates) are:

regular bookkeeping services;

preparation or review revision of financial business plans;

management accounting reports;

preparation of annual accounts for auditing and reporting;

Submission of annual reports and annual audits to offshore company regulatory bodies.

Trust management and tax services

Cornupia is regularly involved in complex taxation and financial trust related matters for some of its international clients. We regularly provide detailed advice on all such matters and related topics for our offshore clients often in association with our international network of attorneys, tax consultants, and accountants - to determine the most suitable plans and structure to suit an individual client's requirements.

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